Empowering Marketers to Innovate Without Constraint

Stride empowers marketers to build customer segments, triggered messages, and 1:1 content using their full set of customer data, across every channel.

The Stride Platform

Stride easily ingests data from any source and enables marketers to build audiences and design powerful marketing programs. By combining real-time customer data, a point-and-click audience and program builder, AI, and dynamic content for every touch, Stride helps marketers drive engagement, increase conversion, and boost ROI. All without BI or engineering resources.

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Bridge the Gap

Stride bridges the gap between your legacy marketing cloud, your best-in-class point solutions, and the digital experience you want to deliver.

Faster Campaign Creation

Expedite campaign creation by removing dependencies on engineering and IT.

Richer Audience Segmentation

Create micro-segmented audiences from customer behaviors across all channels.

Customer Centric Experience

Test, measure, and report on cross-channel customer behavior.

The Stride Difference

Stride is not like other data platforms. Stride is up and running faster, accesses more data, and handles more complexity. We power rich audience segmentation and allow marketers to create hyper-targeted programs based on any customer action, attribute or object. Stride gives you the ability to deliver the deepest level of personalization, regardless of industry or data complexity.

Fits Your Data Model

Stride fits its data model to your business. Have multiple customer identifiers, duplicate records, custom objects, legacy system transitions? We handle it all.

1:1 Customer Success

Your team is partnered with a dedicated customer success manager, relentlessly committed to your success.

Rapid Onboarding

Be up and running in days with no ETLs or coding work required.

Access 100x More Data

Get more data access than any other platform by handling fields, event, and objects from any source.