Move from Customer Insight to Marketing Action in Seconds

Stride's Customer Data Platform automates complex segmentation, prioritization and journey orchestration without engineering

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The future of data-driven engagement

Most marketers have customer data spread across multiple platforms, warehouses and apps. Stride connects the silos and enables marketers to use that data to orchestrate the right touch for every customer moment

Up and running in less than a week

Our pre-built connectors and proprietary data ingestion framework seamlessly flattens and joins data from any source, any schema in real-time

Segment, prioritize, and interact without SQL

Empower your marketing team to be more creative and iterate faster. With no need for SQL, marketing teams use Stride to build complex segmentation and prioritization on the fly

Enable personalization at scale

Orchestrate multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns with ease. Use dynamic programs to build and deploy sophisticated, triggered interactions with zero code

Stride is your marketing stack's best friend

Stride is a Customer Data Platform that empowers your existing tools

Whether you are using a marketing suite such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Oracle Responsys, or a collection of point solutions, Stride is the brain that connects your customer data and your marketing campaigns. Power real-time triggers, highly targeted audiences, and personalized campaigns with a lead time of minutes instead of weeks or months

Jim Connolly
VP of CRM and International Marketing

“Stride has made it possible to execute on a key strategic priority - shifting from batch and blast to highly personalized and relevant trigger emails. It took no engineering effort to get up and running, and is both incredibly powerful but also easy to use for our marketers. Stride is a must-have!”

Lee Brine
Director of CRM

“Vimeo is a unique destination because we have so many different types of users visiting our site. Stride helps us to identify specific actions people are taking and communicate with them at just the right time, in a way we’ve never been able to do before.”

Dan Clarke
Head of Global CRM

“Stride’s platform made us realize how much more we could be getting out of our email programs. It gives us access to insights that allow us to make the best decisions for our customers, in real-time. And, we are are rolling out new lifecycle programs 5x faster because of Stride.”