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Start your day with StrideDaily: a cutting-edge, personalised liquid supplement that delivers up to 98% absorption of a tailored blend of nutrients - backed by research and dietician expertise.

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The supplement where the main ingredient is you.

An all-in-one nutrition solution that packs a punch.

Choose your first step to optimal health.

Start with our liposomal supplement, tailored to your lifestyle and goal, or go all in with lifestyle, goal and DNA personalisation.



Liposomal nutrition supplement personalised to your lifestyle and goal. Discover your recommended formula by taking our health quiz.

Starting from £79 £59.25

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StridDail + StrideDNA

StrideDaily + StrideDNA

Liposomal nutrition supplement personalised to your DNA, lifestyle and goal. Simply take our health quiz and add on a StrideDNA test at checkout.

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Introducing StrideDaily

Introducing StrideDaily.

Welcome to the future of supplements. Our formulas are the result of a decade of precision health research, packed with potent, high-quality ingredients encased in liposomes for maximum effectiveness. Tailored just for you, with guidance from expert dieticians, so you can finally say goodbye to those ineffective, generic vitamins.

Results include

  • Improved energy & mood
  • Boosted immunity
  • Muscle & joints support
  • Glowing hair, skin & nails
  • Better sleep & recovery
  • And more!

Get started by taking our health quiz.

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Here's how Stride works.


Take our health quiz and choose personalisation level.

We'll build your formula based on where you're at and where you want to go - with or without DNA-personalisation.

Comprehensive analysis

We'll take into account everything from habits to medications.

Simple & fast

A 5-minute online assessment.

DNA personalisation

Option to add-on a DNA test after completing the health quiz.


Review your recommended formula.

Discover your personalised formula based on your lifestyle, goals and DNA (if included).

Crafted for your unique needs

See which micronutrients our expert dieticians recommend.

Highly absorbent liquid liposome formula

Superior delivery system for vitamins, maximising their effectiveness.

Potent mix of key ingredients

All natural, high-quality and sugar-free ingredients.


Receive your StrideDaily.

StrideDaily is delivered straight to your door every month.

Flexible memberships

Choose a one-off box, or a subscription - cancel anytime.

Your health is unique

Your formula evolves with your needs, lifestyle and goals.

Ongoing testing & support

Our dietician team are there to guide you every step of the way.

Liquid revolution.

Our liquid revolution.

StrideDaily has been created to deliver maximum nutritional delivery to where your body needs it the most. It delivers up to 98% nutrient absorption via our trademarked liposome technology. Liposomes act like little life jackets, protecting nutrients as they are transported throughout your body to work their magic. Liposomal technology encapsulates multiple active ingredients, enabling personalised combinations tailored to individual needs, which is not typically possible with traditional vitamins.

Trademarked technology

Research-backed formulas

In-house lab

All natural ingredients

Learn more about our science

Level up your precision.

Genetics and gut flora play a key role in how our bodies process and absorb nutrients. They inform whether extra nutrients may be required to support your health.

Unlike traditional vitamins based on Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) that represent averages, we understand that everyone is unique. One-size-fits-all generic vitamins might not provide the nutrient levels you need for optimal health.

Stride is the first truly precision-personalised supplement. Add-on a DNA at checkout to further personalise your Stride formula based on your unique genetic profile. But first, take our health quiz for us to get to know you.

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Level up your precision.

Our science. Our lab. No third-parties.

Stride's diagnostic tests have been developed by world-renowned researchers in microbiology and genomics. All testing takes place in our UK-based laboratory. This direct approach eliminates the need to involve third-party laboratories, typical among other testing partners.

With our model, we guarantee cost efficiency, high-quality and fast results, and ongoing innovation in research and development.

Our Science
Smarter Nutrition

Smarter nutrition for real life.

StrideDaily isn't just a nutritional supplement; it's a health game-changer. Compared to high-street vitamin brands, it's not just cost-effective - it's a steal. With ingredients sourced for up to £131 per month elsewhere, StrideDaily starts at just £55.25* (only £2.12 per day!). That's quality and affordability packed into one powerful, daily formula.

Tell us more about yourself to get started today.

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