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A daily liquid supplement that delivers 98% nutrient absorption and is precision-personalised to your unique lifestyle, goals and biological needs.

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Introducing StrideDaily.

Built from a decade of precision health research and liposomal liquid technology for peak bioavailability. Personalised to you, with dietician-led support.

Results include

  • Improved energy & mood
  • Boosted immunity
  • Muscle & joints support
  • Glowing hair, skin & nails
  • Better sleep & recovery
  • And more!

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Benefits of StrideDaily.

Good nutrition is crucial for our health, but busy schedules and increasing expenses can disrupt our efforts. Stride is a cost-effective daily supplement that fills your nutrient gaps and improves your overall health.

  1. Personalised wellness, every day.
    Stride tailors your daily nutrients to your unique biology, lifestyle and goals, and it adapts as your needs change, keeping your health on track.
  2. Daily liquid shot. No more dusty pills.
    Say goodbye to those dusty, forgettable pills. StrideDaily delivers all the nutrients you need in a single, easy-to-drink liquid supplement. A tastier and more convenient choice than a counter full of generic pills.
  3. Pharmaceutical-grade liquid excellence.
    Our liquid formulas result from rigorous R&D by leading scientists and dieticians and deliver 98% nutrient absorption. Free from caking agents and preservatives found in traditional vitamins.
  4. At your door, every month.
    No more spontaneous trips to anonymous health stores with bewildering choice. We bring what you need, where and when you need it - all at cost lower than your morning flat white.
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Here's how Stride works.


Take our lifestyle assessment.

We'll build your formula based on where you're at, and where you want to go.

Comprehensive analysis

We'll take into account everything from habits to medications.

Simple & fast

A 5-minute online assessment.


Choose your precision level.

Stride works for you at your level. Get started straight away, or add a diagnostic test to go deeper.

Lifestyle only

We'll build your formula to fit your goal & lifestyle.

DNA personalised

Upgrade to tailor based on your nutrigenetic profile.

Gut microbiome personalised (coming soon!)

Go further by discovering your gut health & diversity.


Receive your personal formula.

Stride is delivered straight to your door every month.

Flexible memberships

Choose a one-off box, or a subscription - cancel anytime.

Your health is unique

Your formula evolves with your needs, lifestyle and goals.

Ongoing testing & support.

Our dietician team are there to guide you every step of the way.

Our liquid revolution.

Stride formulas deliver 98% nutrient absorption via our trademarked liquid liposome nutrient-delivery technology. Liposomes act like little life jackets protecting nutrients as they are transported throughout your body to work their magic.

Trademarked technology

Research-backed formulas

In-house lab

All natural ingredients

Level up your precision.

Genetics and gut flora play a key role in how our bodies process and absorb nutrients. They inform whether extra nutrients may be required to support your health.

Stride is the first truly precision-personalised vitamin brand. Add-on a DNA and/or Microbiome (coming soon!) at checkout to further personalise your Stride formula based on your unique genetic profile and current gut health.

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Smarter nutrition for real life.

  • Shot, dilute or blend into your favourite smoothie.
  • A personalised liquid formula based on your unique biology, lifestyle and goals.
  • Science-led, trademarked liquid technology with dietician support.

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Stride vs the competition.

With Stride's in-house, UK-based lab, you can expect fast test results, accurate formulas and affordable custom supplements. Made in the UK from high-quality, all-natural flavourings and sugar-free ingredients.

Stride Generic Pharmacy Brand Vitl Care/of Alyve
DNA Test & Report Included
Goal Specific Personalisation
DNA Personalised Vitamins
Precisie Micronutrient Doses
Single, Liquid Vitamin Dose
High Quality Ingredients
Made in the UK
In-House Lab

Our science. Our lab. No third-parties.

Stride's diagnostic tests have been developed by world-renowned researchers in microbiology and genomics. All testing takes place in our UK-based laboratory. This direct approach eliminates the need to involve third-party laboratories, typical among other testing partners.

With our model, we guarantee cost efficiency, high-quality and fast results, and ongoing innovation in research and development.