Unlock your health potential: DNA methylation tests and personalised vitamin supplements.


Discover how Stride's cutting-edge DNA methylation tests can reveal insights into your genetic health, and receive personalised vitamin supplements tailored to your unique needs. Start your journey to optimal wellness today with Stride.

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DNA methylation tests and personalised vitamin supplements.

A personalised vitamin supplement that packs a punch.

Choose your first step to optimal health.

Start with a StrideDNA Methylation Test to advance your health, or create your personalised vitamin supplement tailored to your lifestyle, goals, and DNA.



StrideDaily takes your health routine to the next level; it’s a personalised all-in-one liquid nutrition solution tailored to your DNA, lifestyle, and goals.

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Stride10x combines our StrideDNA test with Methylation Reports. Take your health to the next level by discovering how to get your genes working for you, not against you.

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StrideDNA is an easy-to-use at-home DNA test kit designed to help you take more informed actions towards better health.

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StrideCare is a revolutionary approach to weight loss. It offers science-backed and expert-led support for long-term, sustainable weight loss - with and without GLP-1 medication.

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Unlock your Methylation insights with StrideDNA. Take your health to the next level.

Heard of Gary Brecka's Health 10x test? Our Methylation test goes much deeper.

Genetic mutations and deficiencies in key dietary cofactors (e.g. the MTHFR gene) can impair methylation and affect the body's ability to effectively convert nutrients. This can cause various chronic conditions like impaired immunity, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, cancers, and mood disorders.

A StrideDNA test helps you understand your genetic profile, unique methylation capabilities (e.g. Folate Cycle), and nutrient deficiency predispositions. Our team of human health and performance experts will support you in making personalised lifestyle changes for optimal health.

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Unlock your Methylation insights
Introducing StrideDaily

StrideDaily: Optimise your health with personalised supplements.

Welcome to the future of personalised vitamins. Our scientific supplements result from a decade of precision health research and are packed with potent, high-quality ingredients encased in liposomes for maximum effectiveness. Whether you're looking for vitamins for energy, sports nutrition or a great multivitamin, StrideDaily is the best dietary supplement for essential vitamins. Say goodbye to those ineffective, generic pills.

Results include

  • Improved energy & mood
  • Boosted immunity
  • Muscle & joints support
  • Glowing hair, skin & nails
  • Better sleep & recovery
  • And more!

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Here's how Stride works.


Take our health quiz and choose personalisation level.

We'll build your personalised supplement based on where you're at and where you want to go - with or without DNA-personalisation.

Comprehensive analysis

We'll take into account everything from habits to medications.

Simple & fast

A 5-minute online assessment.

DNA personalisation

Option to add-on a DNA test after completing the health quiz.


Review your recommended formula.

Discover your personalised supplements, including custom vitamins to take daily.

Crafted for your unique needs

See which micronutrients our expert dieticians recommend.

Highly absorbent liquid liposome formula

Superior delivery system for vitamins, maximising their effectiveness.

Potent mix of key ingredients

Potent mix of healthy vitamins and minerals. All natural, high-quality and sugar-free ingredients.


Receive your StrideDaily.

StrideDaily is delivered straight to your door every month.

Flexible memberships

Choose a one-off box, or a subscription - cancel anytime.

Your health is unique

Your personalised vitamins evolve with your needs, lifestyle and goals.

Ongoing testing & support

Our dietician team are there to guide you every step of the way.

Liquid revolution.

The best vitamin supplement. In one daily shot.

StrideDaily offers personalised liquid liposome supplements tailored to your needs, delivering nutrients precisely where your body needs them most. We ensure maximum effectiveness with our advanced liposomal technology, boasting up to 98% nutrient absorption. Our liquid multivitamins encapsulate diverse active ingredients, including methylated B12, marine collagen, Vitamins A, B, C, D, and various adaptogens and nootropics, promoting energy, skin health, immunity, digestion, and more.

Trademarked technology

Research-backed formulas

In-house lab

All natural ingredients

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DNA personalised vitamin supplements.

Genetics plays a key role in how our bodies process and absorb nutrients. Our DNA informs us whether we might be predisposed to deficiencies and whether extra nutrients may be required to achieve better health.

Traditional vitamins, guided by Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs), often fail to meet individual needs due to their generalised one-size-fits-all approach. At Stride, we recognise the uniqueness of everyone's nutritional requirements.

Enhance your StrideDaily supplements by DNA-personalising your vitamin formula. Add on a StrideDNA test at checkout, and once your results are in, we'll automatically update your StrideDaily based on your unique DNA.

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Level up your precision.

Our science. Our lab. No third-parties.

Stride's diagnostic tests have been developed by world-renowned researchers in microbiology and genomics. All testing takes place in our UK-based laboratory. This direct approach eliminates the need to involve third-party laboratories, typical among other testing partners.

With our model, we guarantee cost efficiency, high-quality and fast results, and ongoing innovation in research and development.

Our Science
Smarter Nutrition

Smarter nutrition for real life.

StrideDaily isn't just a nutritional supplement; it's a health game-changer. Compared to high-street vitamin brands, it's not just cost-effective - it's a steal. With ingredients sourced for up to £131 per month elsewhere, StrideDaily starts at just £55.25* (only £2.12 per day!). That's quality and affordability packed into one powerful, daily formula.

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