Your Customers Act in Real-Time. Do You?

Stride empowers marketers to drive customer segmentation, triggered messages, and 1:1 content using your full set of customer data. Stride complements Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, as well as ads, site, and sales tools.

Stride bridges the gap between your legacy marketing cloud, and the digital experience you want to deliver.

Drive Better Customer Outcomes

Every consumer-facing industry, from Travel to Insurance, is racing to reinvent their digital experience. But, by using only the data that fits in your legacy marketing cloud, you're falling short.

Using Stride, our customers drive:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher email campaign revenue
  • Higher Return-on-Ad-Spend

Empower Agile Marketing

Until now, being data-driven required pulling SQL lists, using scripting languages, and waiting on others.

Stride lets everyone create advanced segmentation, triggering, and personalization with a point-and-click interface. Our customers:

  • Execute 10x faster
  • Remove bottlenecks / handoffs
  • Let every teammate access data

Unblock IT resources

As customers demand more personalization, IT teams are spending an enormous amount to make your marketing cloud and channels do what you want.

Stride helps customers:

  • Save years of engineering time
  • Offset software license spend or unneeded upsells
  • Avoid professional services contracts

Stride’s Customer Data Platform

“Stride has made it possible to execute on a key strategic priority, shifting from batch and blast to highly personalized and relevant trigger emails. It took no engineering effort to get up and running, and is both incredibly powerful but also easy to use for our marketers. Stride is a must-have!”

Jim Connolly VP of Engagement

“Vimeo is a unique destination because we have so many different types of users visiting our site. Stride helps us to identify specific actions people are taking and communicate with them at just the right time, in a way we’ve never been able to do before.”

Lee Brine Director of CRM

“Stride’s platform made us realize how much more we could be getting out of our email programs. It gives us access to insights that allow us to make the best decisions for our customers, in real-time. And, we are are rolling out new lifecycle programs 5x faster because of Stride.”

Dan Clarke Head of Global CRM

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