Stride was founded by former Salesforce veterans because most companies aspire to give 1:1 personalization, but struggle to get there. Customers demand it and Stride helps you deliver by amplifying your current technology.

Our Values

Choose positivity.

The only thing we have complete control over on this journey is our own attitudes, and these attitudes are contagious. We choose to take something positive away from every part of this experience.

Grit wins.

Building something great takes extraordinary effort and perseverance. Our success depends on our ability to turn failure into growth.

Grant superpowers.

We are tackling hard problems and taking on audacious goals. We want to change the way our customers work and what they perceive to be possible.

Many voices. One team.

We value strong points of view, the willingness to take risks and be vulnerable, and lots of direct communication. Once we make a decision, we share every outcome as a team.

Be mission-critical.

We want our customers to depend on the innovation, reliability, and performance of our product for their success. This is not something that we can sell, it’s something we have to earn.

What else?

You decide. As a customer or a member of our team, your values mean the most to us and shape who we are and how we work.

Stride’s Leadership Team

With enterprise software in our DNA, we’re dedicated to building the future of data-driven engagement.

Tim Fletcher

Tim Fletcher
Co-founder and CEO

Elise Bergeron

Elise Bergeron
Co-founder and COO

Scott Bessler

Scott Bessler
Co-founder and CTO

Our Advisors

We benefit from the deep industry expertise of our advisors.

Mike Speiser
Sutter Hill Ventures
Pure Storage, Snowflake

Kirk Bowman
Accel Partners
Atlassian, VMWare

Bill Bull
Sutter Hill Ventures
Apple, Yahoo!

Sutter Hill Ventures

We’re successful today in part due to our financial partners, Sutter Hill Ventures. SHV has financed technology start-ups and assisted entrepreneurs in building market-leading companies since 1962. They strongly support our company culture and believe in our commitment to great products.

Interested in being part of our team?

We are hiring teammates across functions who love to solve challenging problems and thrive in an early-stage environment. Come be part of building our product and our culture.

Job Openings