Use Cases

Customer Segmentation

Create targeted audiences and personalize emails for your customers, based on the full picture of your customer data.

Discover the Right Audience

Combine 1000x more data from any source to create sophisticated segmentations without SQL.

Engage with 1:1 Content

Power dynamic content and increase performance of every touch. Create new customer attributes on the fly.

Iterate in Stride, Sync to Every Channel

One-click publishing keeps audiences automatically up-to-date across every channel.

Triggered Campaigns

Put marketing in control of creating targeted, higher-yielding customer experiences in minutes.

Discover Key Moments to Influence

Give your marketers visibility into every customer behavior to spot trends and size campaign impact before launch.

Engage with 1:1 Content

Only Stride enables marketers to use any combination of their customer data to drive dynamic content.

Drive Results with Rapid Iteration

Built-in prioritization, A/B testing and holdouts enable you to optimize treatments against key outcomes instead of just opens and clicks.

Omnichannel Experience

Create a compelling, unified experience across your website, sales/service, email, ads and offline channels.

Personalize your Website

Personalize your site experience based on any of the data in Stride. Integrate with the site A/B testing tools you already have in place.

Coordinate with Sales/Service

Keep customer segments in sync across channels. Prioritize sales and service time, and ad-spend.

Stride API

Use the Stride API to power personalization in your in-house tools or offline experience.

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