Customer Story


How Rocketmiles uses Stride to power dynamic customer journeys

The Result: Faster execution, improved KPIs, greater efficiency across teams

The Company

Rocketmiles encourages travelers to vacation faster by incentivizing hotel bookings with magnificent rewards. Founded in 2012 and acquired by Booking Holdings (previously Priceline Group) in 2015, the team at Rocketmiles loves travel and takes pride in enabling more adventures for their customers.

The Challenge

Rocketmiles wanted to be able to give their customers the right message at the right time. The company was growing quickly, and the team needed to be able to rapidly deploy new campaigns. But their marketing team was heavily reliant on engineering for triggered campaigns, which meant new triggers and iterations fell into a backlog that could take months to be prioritized and completed. At the same time, the lean marketing team was stretched by the manual effort to pull SQL queries to upload and execute batch campaigns.

Why Rocketmiles chose Stride

Rocketmiles turned to Stride to empower their marketing team to build the personalization needed to deliver the optimal customer experience

Non-technical interface

Stride’s point and click formula builder allows Rocketmiles’ marketing team to build, iterate and scale without needing developers or engineering

1:1 triggered programs

Stride empowers Rocketmiles to build hundreds of Programs to tailor their marketing to their customers’ needs in the moment

Built in testing

Stride’s built-in A/B testing and Holdout features allow Rocketmiles to test and optimize their customer experience faster than ever before

The Results

With Stride, Rocketmiles can set up triggered programs faster than ever before, without ever writing a single line of code

Rocketmiles has been able to deploy new triggered campaigns in hours, instead of waiting for months. The team is now able to coordinate over 100 triggered programs, and personalize each message using dozens of customer attributes.

Rapid test and learn powers KPI improvements

Using Stride’s built-in A/B testing, Rocketmiles has been able to move key business metrics, including increasing CTR by 171% and conversion rate by 70%. Overall, Rocketmiles has seen a 150% YoY increase in revenue from triggered emails since using Stride.

Operational efficiency while delivering a great customer experience

Stride’s flexibility allowed Rocketmiles to execute customer service workflows previously handled manually by phone agents through triggered messages, thereby cutting operational costs and delivering a better customer experience.