Customer Story


How Moo uses Stride to unlock 100x more data

The Result: Improved KPIs across all channels and a return on investment in first 12 weeks

The Company

MOO is a leading print and design company that is passionate about great design and the difference it can make to their customers and the world. MOO launched back in 2006 with the aim to disrupt the trillion-dollar global print industry and make great design available to all by combining professional design with the accessibility and reach of the web. Great customer experience and repeat customers are keys to MOO’s business.

The Challenge

MOO lacked the foundation of customer data required for true personalization, and the capability for marketers to drive personalization through their channel tools. IT and engineering organizations were backlogged, and professional service options were expensive and would not scale. With a lean team, they also required a platform that would support them in rolling out personalization across all channels over time.

Why MOO chose Stride

MOO turned to Stride’s Customer Data Platform to empower their marketing team to deploy personalization across email, paid ads, and direct mail.

360° Customer View

Stride’s Codeless Site Tag allowed the MOO team to start capturing detailed site behavior as the foundation for their personalization, all without IT or engineering work. Stride’s Customer Data Platform automatically linked the site activity with a backfill of MOO’s historical data, giving the MOO team a complete view of their customer. Within their first week of using Stride, the MOO team was able to independently deploy new triggered campaigns and set-up audiences based on product interest without any work from IT or engineering resources.

Testing and Iteration

With Stride’s built-in A/B testing and holdout functionality, MOO was able to iterate faster and measure the direct impact of their campaigns. The team no longer views testing as a heavy undertaking. Time previously spent lobbying for resources and then working through time intensive operational complexities is now used to creatively iterate and prove the value behind the marketing initiatives.

Unified Offline and Digital Experience

Recognizing the importance of finding measurable tracking for offline channels, Stride worked with MOO’s operations center to leverage the Stride API to power personalized promotional box inserts, with minimal engineering resources. Connecting offline and online touch points and behaviors in near real time expanded the scope of MOO’s campaigns. Instead of relying on weeks of engineering work, the team can now simultaneously test multiple new insert types across international markets, all while creating hold-out groups to truly understand the impact of their multi-channel programs.

“Working with Stride means I can do my job with great ease. My team can see an immediate impact and we can do so time-efficiently and independently - it takes just 5 minutes to plug in or switch on new variables - and then we’re ready to go. They’ve built something incredibly valuable.”

Dan Clarke Head of Global CRM

The Results

With Stride’s site tracking, the team was able to capture a foundation of data 100x greater than what was previously available. And with Stride’s Personalization Library, they could self-serve in creating new customer attributes and triggers to power a better customer experience. MOO saw a full return on investment from Stride within the first 12 weeks of using the platform. They were able to stand-up high impact campaigns like Browse Abandon and Cart Abandon with just a few clicks.

Higher Return on Ad Campaigns

After success in email, MOO started using Stride to power smarter targeting in paid ad campaigns. Using Stride to create seed audiences for lookalike campaigns on Facebook, MOO sees up to a 20% lift in Return on Ad Spend. Meanwhile, MOO avoids manual tasks since audiences are auto-updated, and there is greater targeting flexibility than ever before.

Saved 3 months of engineering effort

Stride enabled MOO to move from standard single insert offer to being able to personalize on the fly. MOO achieved a sophisticated level of iteration without the need to use up engineering resources. Using Stride’s API, they now add in Box Inserts at the customer level, which achieves a level of personalization greater than ever before.