All Your Data. All Your Channels. One Control Center.

Orchestration Platform

Realtime triggers without code

Multi-layered behavioral targeting

Start simple with a browse abandon campaign or build advanced triggers that react to key user moments

Automated prioritization

Have a user qualifying for ten different triggers in a session? Only Stride automates prioritization, ensuring they only receive the most valuable touch

Optimized scheduling

Time your interactions for the optimal conversion opportunity. React in real-time or delay from moments to days, without worrying about timezones

Move from Batch and Blast to Segmented and Smart

Waterfall segmentation on the fly

We connect silo'd data, allowing you to uncover unrivaled insight into your customers and perform complex segmentation utilizing all your data sources

Centralized logic

With a unified view of every customer, build your segmentation logic once and sync to all your channels, ensuring you invest in only the most valuable personalized interactions

Open API

Our API allows you to utilize your unified customer data across your entire business. Whether streaming to marketing tools or driving offline processes, we’ve made connecting you and your data incredibly easy

Empower Marketers to be data-driven,
 without Engineering

Split testing built in

Make data-driven testing part of your marketing DNA. Stride's advanced testing features allow marketers to create multi-variate tests within Programs, allowing you to consistently test, iterate and scale your most effective interactions

Dynamic holdout groups

Whether adding another layer of insight to split testing or safeguarding your customers from journey collision, Stride's global holdout groups ensure your marketing interactions are consistent and effective

Out-of-the-box connections to all your data sources and tools

We've made it incredibly easy to get up and running with Stride; so easy that we never charge for professional services

From streaming data to SQL databases to marketing tools, we’ve pre-built the integrations so that you can go from on-boarding in the morning to personalized 1:1 interactions by lunch