All Your Data. All Your Channels. One Control Center.

Control Center

Connect all of your best in breed point solutions so you don’t have to compromise. Stride enables your campaigns to seamlessly transition across email, push, Facebook custom audiences, and more so your customers are hearing a cohesive message.

Realtime triggers without code — unblock your marketing teams today.

Sophisticated behavioral targeting

Start simple with a browse abandon campaign or build advanced triggers that react to key user moments.

Automatic prioritization

Have a user qualifying for ten different triggers in a session? Only Stride allows you to prioritize and ensure they receive the most important touch.

Intelligent scheduling

Time your messages for the optimal moment to convert your users. Vary delays from a few moments to days or specific schedules without worrying about timezones.

Move from Batch and Blast to Segmented and Smart

Audience creation on the fly

Size and create audiences on the fly with data spanning any silo or source. Your audience will be maintained in real-time so any promotional communication can be made targeted and relevant.

Machine learning built-in

Expand any target audience to include other users with similar behavioral profiles. Powerful lookalike modeling accessible at the flip of a switch.

Data-Empowered Marketers,
 No SQL Required

Insights to action

Explore your up-to-the minute streaming event data. Find patterns and take action without needing the support of your analytics or engineering teams.

Closed-loop reporting

Connect the dots between user behavior, campaigns, and results. By bringing all your data and channels together, Stride is the only platform that can give you full insight into your marketing effectiveness.

Works with All of Your Existing Tools

We know your engineering teams are stretched thin. We’ve made sure that getting set up with Stride requires just a few simple tasks. From streaming data to SQL databases to your ESP, we have pre-built integrations that take all the heavy lifting off of your team.