The Most Agile Customer Data Platform

Stride unites data from your disparate sources, lets marketers action on it in real-time, and powers winning customer journeys across channels.

360° Customer Data Hub

Unified data for marketers, visually accessible and actionable by any teammate, connected without heavy IT effort.

All Your Sources

Connect and unify customer data sources (email, site, sales, customer service, internal databases or 3rd party tools), and create new attributes with just a few clicks.

Data Ingestion Framework

Stride’s proprietary Database Listeners create a live connection to any data source, and our auto-normalizing schema handles updates without any effort from IT.

Codeless Site Tag

Stride’s Codeless Tag allows marketers to modify site tracking without an ask to IT, and automatically backfills anonymous information so you get the widest audience possible.

Real-time Decisioning Engine

A distributed processing architecture that gives you complete control over your customer experience - leverage every customer signal in real-time to create best-in-class experiences.

Customer Journeys

Orchestrate interactions across channels, and prioritize triggers to control frequency and optimize journeys. Use any customer behavior to inform their path.


Powerful cross-channel experience management. Use Stride to coordinate each of your channels -- mobile, push, site, offline, service.

Testing and Iteration

Test and iterate without engineering or services using Stride’s built-in A/B testing and holdout solutions.

Enterprise Grade Segmentation

An easy-to-use interface that supports complex segmentation and personalized content.

Usable by Everyone

Go from messy SQL queries and scripting languages to a modern, point-and-click interface. Get insights about your audiences in seconds.

Audience-driven Architecture

Control segmentation based on rich, raw data, and get advanced with complex logic and automatic prioritization.

1:1 Dynamic Content

Incorporate any data from the 360° Customer Data Hub to power 1:1 dynamic content.

Actionable AI

Models that help spot opportunities, reach customers in the right moments, and solve for your unique business needs.

Automatic Insights

Get out-of-the-box insights about your customer base, and measure the results of your strategies against metrics that matter.

Machine Learning

Power the right message at the right time with Stride’s machine learning models and automatically prioritized touch points. Get models that work for your business and data model.

API for Your Models

Use Stride’s API to power your customer journey with your team’s proprietary models.

Supercharged CRM Stack

Stride works with your existing channel tools and delivers fast time to value.

Pre-built Connectors

Stride’s Platform has pre-built connections to your existing Email, Push, Ad and channel execution tools. No migrations or lost quarters of productivity to get setup.

Compatible with Your Stack

Avoid lock-in with any single channel tool, and use Stride as your source of truth for customer segmentations and touchpoints. Access all your data in Stride at any time.

Custom Channels

Rich APIs so Stride can power your custom tools and expand as your use cases do.

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