Who We Help

We help marketers and their cross-functional partners deliver better business results with less manual effort.


Increase in campaign revenue


Increase in conversion rate


Faster campaign testing rate


Increase in team capacity

Marketing Leaders

Increase conversion rates

Increase campaign ROI

Decrease professional services costs

“Stride's platform made us realize how much more we could be getting out of our programs. We are now rolling out new lifecycle programs 5x faster.”

Dan Clarke
Head of Global CRM, Moo

CRM Teams

Easily size campaign opportunities

Iterate on messaging and sync to any channel

Power dynamic content

“Stride helps us to identify specific actions people are taking and communicate with them at just the right time.”

Lee Brine
Director of CRM, Vimeo

Digital Marketers

Eliminate wasted ad spend using real-time data

Easily sync audiences to social channels with a single click

Design personalized website experiences for every customer

“Stride immediately gave us the ability to put in triggers we never had before, and I can do it all on my own.”

Christine Kelly
Senior Marketing Analyst, Snag

Data & Engineering

Eliminate backlog for SQL queries, new ETLs, and API calls

Reduce the number of list requests from marketing

Eliminate technical debt by using our out-of-the-box integrations rather than maintaining processes and code

“We now have +20% more capacity after transitioning from manually-sent batch campaigns to triggered campaigns. With that added capacity, we can now invest time into new marketing initiatives.”

Rachel Brooks
Senior Product Owner, Rocketmiles