The Stride Engagement Engine

Granting marketing superpowers, formerly reserved for engineering.

Consistent Cross-Channel Experiences

Synchronize across every channel for a cohesive customer experience.

Effortlessly trigger 1:1 dynamic email content based on real-time behavior, preferences, and interests.

Unify marketing, sales, and service by creating cases and tasks in Salesforce Sales Cloud to quickly respond to critical customer signals with personal outreach.

Use webhooks to integrate with any system so customers see timely, relevant messages in every channel.

One-click synchronization across channels.

Marketing-Managed Approach

Free yourself from dependency on backlogged engineering resources.

Expedite testing and measurement with inline experimentation on any custom metric - not just open and click rates.

Use clicks, not code. Populate emails with dynamic variables or trigger actions off events, without writing code.

Automate campaigns that rely on complex underlying data that might be constantly changing, such as reservations, orders, or subscriptions.

Intelligent interface any marketer can use.

Impactful Results

Enable quicker testing. Gain better insights. Build stronger campaigns.

Shorten campaign iteration cycles from months to days.

Instantly eliminate hours of engineering work and professional services spend.

Immediately gauge impact with built-in, program-level reporting.

Insightful dashboards to action instantly.