Back End Engineer

We are hiring software engineers to help us build out a world class software-as-a-service product. You will be part of growing our team, culture, processes, and product.

We are looking for back-end engineers who are great problem-solvers and love to work collaboratively. We don't have specific language requirements because you will help us determine the best tools and architecture to use. You will learn and contribute across the full stack of our systems. It will be a challenging, exciting, and most importantly, fun ride.

Want to build a meaningful product that our customers love? Want to help define what it means to be an engineer at Stride? Want to have a seat at the table while we work together to build an incredible product and company? Join us.

We’re looking for teammates who are:

  • Excited to learn - The most important capability of any engineer is a willingness and desire to pick up new technologies, patterns, and skills. We currently use modern and proven technologies like Typescript, React, MobX, AWS, Kubernetes, and SnowflakeDB, but are always looking for the best tool for the job.
  • Excited to teach - The ideal teammate will not just contribute, but improve everyone around them.
  • Flexible - We believe the hallmark of a successful startup is the ability of the team to adapt and learn from new information.
  • Pragmatic - There is generally no perfect solution to most software problems, and we will work together as a team to pick the most appropriate solution for the problem.
  • Passionate about automation - As a small company we must leverage ourselves to deliver amazing results. Automating tests, deployments, and other parts of the software lifecycle is the only way we can continue to move fast as we build and grow. Continuous integration and deployment was one of the first things we built.

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